Remote Capabilities From The Miniac Films Team


Remote Capabilities From The Miniac Films Team


Remote Capabilities From The Miniac Films Team.

Everyone at Miniac Films is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our staff, crew, vendors and clients. For now, traditional production is on pause, and we encourage everyone to follow the Center of Disease Control guidelines and to social distance. Still, there are a few ways to continue producing content that promises to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Miniac Films supports agencies and brands with ideation and production. We assemble bespoke teams from broadcast to web, documentary and original content. Our directors are ready to solve problems and devise creative solutions for each project.

At Miniac, we believe in this time it is critical that a director navigates projects from start to finish. Miniac’s directors are creative consultants and are most effective when supporting a project from production through post. Miniac Films director and co-founder, John Christopher Pina, is helping a client think through the best way to approach finishing a film that has a combination of recently shot footage, stock and VFX.

Miniac Films director, Peter Jordan, has incredible experience with “out of the box” directing. He assembles a small and simple camera, lens and lighting rig which is sent to the talent. He helps the talent set up remote access and he captures extremely human, honest moments. He’s currently working with IBM in this capacity.

Miniac’s Susan was tailor made for remote projects. As a creative director and director duo that write and create all of their own content, Susan is able to ideate, direct and produce all under one roof. This nimble team is efficient and effective, and saves their clients a lot of time and money.

Miniac consistently uses top of the line film equipment. Our remote technology allows four cameras to record simultaneously and stream up to sixteen monitors online. Currently, crews in South Korea are available to work and most vendors are open. Miniac Films has worked in South Korea on various projects and, with the help of our remote technology, is capable of building production teams in South Korea right now.

The health and safety of our staff, crew, vendors and clients is of the utmost importance to everyone here at Miniac Film. Our team has come up with our own set of production guidelines that coincide with the Center of Disease Control’s recommendations. We encourage everyone to read them to ensure all productions are safe for the whole crew. Check them out here. (I plan on linking the blog post I sent earlier with the guidelines) 

Miniac Films is open for business and we hope that we can help you safely and confidently execute your next project.

From everyone at team Miniac, we wish you good health and happiness. Stay safe! 

The Miniac Team on location in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2019.

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