Miniac Films Director Peter Jordan directs Facebook Portal film, Feel There


Miniac Films Director Peter Jordan directs Facebook Portal film, Feel There


Miniac Films Director Peter Jordan directs Facebook Portal film, Feel There.

Living in the digital world has its’ perks. From being able to bank online to searching any obscure question you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends, our digital work has made life accessible and easier. But, debatably the biggest perk of our tech-heavy lives, is the connection it allows. This perk, our ability to connect, birthed the latest invention from Facebook - Portal.

However you feel about the implications of living online, it is undeniable that the online social media site, Facebook, has changed the way we communicate and interact as a society. Facebook’s latest invention, Facebook’s Portal, is the next step in the evolution of human communication.

Portal is exactly its namesake. Portal is a portal that connects families, friends and loved ones through video chatting services. Portal allows us to bond with our most cherished people despite being miles away. And, yes, this has been a concept for many years with various video chatting services available online, but, the sleek tablet like device, Portal, does so much more.

Portal is designed with a high-tech camera featuring a 114-degree field of view and rotating screen that is designed to follow you wherever and however you move throughout your space. It is equipped with state of the art speakers and Bluetooth services that minimize background noise to keep conversations moving. Portal even connects to Amazon Alexa features. Portal HD display provides crisp imaging while matching your room’s lighting and color to provide optimal imaging and seamless streaming. Portal can be used as a virtual picture frame, looping through photos, or a speaker system. And the best part of Portal? It is also an AR experience.

Portal’s AI smart camera and smart sound allow for fun filters and interactive experiences. Portal offers a photo booth where you can add AR masks and effects for an animated experience. With Story Time, Portal allows for an immersive experience where music, animation and effects literally bring a story to life. No longer will you ever have to miss bedtime because of a  work trips - Story Time brings to the whole family together.

Portal is a perfect example of how technology can be used for good. Facebook released Portal in 2018 with their Feel There campaign. Miniac Films director, Peter Jordan, directed the Feel There film. Miniac Films is a hybrid production company and creative shop that specializes in creating dramatic narratives with high production value. Jordan is known in the commercial world for his emotive and scenic narrative work.

Jordan weaved a touching thread throughout the film, capturing real moments of connection made possible with Portal. Because if you cannot be there, feel there.

Check out the video here.  

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