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September 1, 2020

Miniac Films Director John Christopher Pina Directs Mirror's New Campaign

Miniac Films Director John Christopher Pina Directs Mirror's New Campaign.

In these uncertain times, what we can be most certain about is that our health, both physically and mentally comes first. Even though we might all be physically divided, Mirror satiates our need for physical activity and human connection by offering a quantum leap into both personal fitness and human connection.

Mirror is quite literally its’ namesake. This sleek, subtly decorative mirror acts as a portal to personal fitness training. Offering hundreds of classes, Mirror scans the body as you work out and provides instant feedback by their virtual trainers. Users have access to complete, interactive immersive and holistic workouts all in the security of their own home. Mirror has been the future of fitness since its’ debut, and, in that vain, has updated their Mirror to now enable people to connect with friends, family and a broader community. The new Mirror allows us to connect through movement.

Mirror team partnered with the Los Angeles and New York based production company, Miniac Films to create a new promotional film for Mirror. Miniac Films is a hybrid production company and creative shop that specializes in creating dramatic narratives with high production value. Miniac Films director and co-founder, John Christopher Pina, directed the spot.

Pina started as a music video director, directing videos for top pop artists like John Legend and Kanye West, but quickly moved into the commercial world. Pina is widely known in the commercial world for his lively yet emotive narratives.

Pina blended common actions between the shots, compositional similarities, and rhythm to create a unique connective tissue throughout the entire promotional film. Pina was able to re-imagine the traditional interpretation of the match cut to create a continual, upbeat momentum that encapsulated Mirror’s new central message – connection through movement.

Miniac Films took extreme precaution while filming to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Check out their recommended guidelines here.

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August 1, 2020

Benjamin Kutsko directs adidas' film promoting their new line of sustainable sportswear, PRIMEBLUE.

Benjamin Kutsko directs new adidas film promoting their new line of sustainable sportswear, PRIMEBLUE.

You’re standing in front of the ocean shore. The salty mist lightly touches your skin and the ocean breeze sweeps through your hair. Sand nestles between your toes and the sun beats down on your back warming your whole body. Sounds nice, right? But, did I also mention the plastic waste that surrounds you as it washes up to shore?

Unfortunately, most of our plastic waste ends up in our oceans. Plastic waste is growing exponentially throughout our world and scientists predict that if current pattern don’t change by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than fish.

Adidas has made it their mission to clean up our oceans. The German sportswear company has a long history of environmental outreach. They sell numerous ecological products, like their FUTURECRAFT LOOP sneaker, and they have partnered with various brands, like Stella McCarthy, to create completely sustainable limited edition sportswear apparel.

Adidas' most noted partnership is with Parley, a New York based non-profit that raises awareness and leads campaigns to clean up our oceans. Their collaborations range from community outreach to producing awareness films like the Miniac Films and Matthias Hoene film, Dive, featuring professional cliff diver, Anna Bader.

In their most recent partnership, Adidas and Parley have come together to create a special line of sportswear and performance sneakers called PRIMEBLUE. PRIMEBLUE is adidas’ most recent campaign to clean up the oceans and combat plastic waste. The PRIMEBLUE apparel and sneakers are all made from recycled plastic found on our shores. Adidas uses a high-tech process that washes, melts and grinds plastic waste into usable fibers that can be weaved into thread to create their PRIMEBLUE products.

Adidas teamed up with the Los Angeles and New York based production company, Miniac Films to create their promotional film. Miniac Films is a hybrid production company and creative shop that specializes in creating dramatic narratives with high production value. Miniac Films director, Benjamin Kutsko, directed the promotional film.

Kutsko has worked with Miniac on various projects, and is known in the commercial world for creating visual and exciting narratives by integrating astounding visual effects with cinematic frames. Kutsko previously worked with the German sportswear company on their 2019 film, ALPHAEDGE 4D.

Kutsko and the Miniac team shot the film in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the help of the local production company, Domo Productions.

Adidas wanted to portray the severity of our plastic waste problem, while also keeping a hopeful narrative that captivated an audience. Sao Paulo’s proximity to the beach and its’ cosmopolitan atmosphere acted as the perfect backdrop for Kutsko’s vision. Kutsko included both shots of the beach, alongside various shots of Sao Paulo to create a sense of universal inclusivity. This problem is everywhere and the ramifications affect us all, wherever you live.

Capturing the problem was simple. Unfortunately, plastic litters the shores of most beaches now a day. But, Kutsko wanted to create an interesting narrative of the actual process in which adidas transforms plastic waste into the thread that creates their apparel and shoes.

Kutsko used original visual concepts to represent the production process. Each visual representation highlighted Kutsko’s ability to use visual effects. His choices integrated creative ideas and quick fluid cuts to ultimately animate the production process. These energetic cuts of the visual representations cut alongside the cinematic shots of the city and athletes, created that classic adidas tone of urban yet fresh.

Miniac and Kutsko’s film is a classic example of adidas’ ability to captivate an audience with dramatic yet fresh narratives. Their stylized marketing allows them to have global reach and calls us all into action. Adidas has made huge strides in their pursuit to end plastic waste. PRIMEBLUE is just one of many campaigns adidas have launched to promote sustainability. Their campaign united us under one singular cause: save our oceans, save our planet, save ourselves. Check out the full film here.

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