Covid-19 On Set Safety Guidelines

As we look forward to resuming live action production, Miniac Films is working to establish policies and practices to ensure a safe working environment for all crew, personnel, and talent. As we stated in a previous blog post, the policies and practices below will continue to evolve as new guidance is published by Local, State, and Federal government and the Center of Disease Control, but the basic premise of working safely and respectfully will be a constant.

Everyone will need to collaborate and contribute as we return to production so we can ensure safety and confidence on set. We encourage everyone to carry a sense of personal responsibility in the workplace and to speak up if they have concerns or ideas. Ideas and feedback are welcome - please send to

From everyone at Miniac Films, thank you and let's stay safe!

The Miniac Team on location in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2019

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

Social Distance, Sanitation, Safety Precautions:

Social Distance - Maintain 6 feet apart unless completely unavoidable and absolutely necessary - Keep as much space as possible between crew and talent. The only crew that should be near talent are Hair, Make Up, Wardrobe, or Sound. - Only essential crew, personnel and talent are permitted on set.

Sanitation - All crew, personnel, and talent should wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day. - Alcohol-based hand sanitizer (60% alcohol) to be available and visible. - A designated person or team will be assigned to wipe down commonly touched surfaces throughout the day with disposable disinfecting wipes. - Sets, props, wardrobe, and equipment should also be disinfected frequently by a member of each respective department.

Safety Precautions - PPE (i.e. masks and gloves) to be provided to all crew, personnel, and talent and must be worn at all times. - Infrared temperature checks will be conducted by an authorized representative (i.e. Medic) before all crew, personnel, and talent enter set, as currently permissible under the EEOC COVID-19 Guidance.

- All crew, personnel, and talent will also be required to complete a digital health screening questionnaire before arrival to set.

  • Must notify unions and all employees ahead of their arrival to set when an infrared temperature check / digital health screening will be conducted.

  • Anyone exhibiting signs of respiratory illness, including fever or cough will be sent home.

  • Anyone feeling sick must stay home or inform a supervisor if already on set

GENERAL SAFETY GUIDELINES (During Prep, Production, and/or Wrap): - All crew, personnel, and talent need to be familiar with the CDC Guidelines. - html? ncov%2Fabout%2Findex.html - Production will assess what prep work can be done remotely. People should only leave their homes or go into the office if absolutely necessary. Conference or Video Calls will replace in person meetings whenever possible (i.e. PPM). - Production should share the safety guidelines with all department heads at the\ beginning of the job. - There will be a person designated to making sure that production is stocked with PPE (i.e. masks, gloves), hand sanitizer, wipes, etc so that it is available at all times (separately from what the set medic will supply on set) - Production will have masks available for crew, personnel and talent. - Replace PPE as necessary. - Dispose, clean, or store PPE properly. - Have a separate disposal receptacle for PPE. - Whether in an office or on set, everyone must maintain a 6 ft distance from one another, unless completely unavoidable. - Wash hands with soap and water frequently throughout the day. - Post signage in bathroom, kitchen, or throughout set reminding people to wash their hands and observe other official CDC guidelines. - Avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose. - Identify and use an area for Quarantine Storage where purchases / deliveries can be cleaned before being brought into the production office / on set. - Kitchens, restrooms and other high-touch locations will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day. - Consider a cleaning crew to come every morning and/or night to clean the office. - Refrain from using other people’s desk spaces and electronics. - Maintain good ventilation. Keep windows and/or doors open when possible. - Any snacks should be individually packaged. NO communal bowls for sharing.

Casting: - Consider remote casting sessions and callbacks. - Distribute scripts digitally and sign actors in/out digitally if possible (or assign one person to handle) - Minimize the number of people working with actors and provide PPE if auditions to be done in person. - Simulate props by using actors personal belongings. - Consider backups for each role when making final casting selections. SAFETY GUIDELINES ON SET (Per Department): - At the start of each shoot day, the 1st AD and Set Medic shall conduct a Safety Meeting and will address the COVID-19 guidelines and safety protocols as set forth by the Production Company and CDC Guidelines.

Medic: - To consult with Production Company ahead of arriving to set with regard to Company’s COVID-19 guidelines and protocols and inform Production Company of the COVID-19 supplies they will be bringing to set. - Must wear PPE while engaging in person-to-person contact.

Catering/Craft Services: - Wear PPE at all times when preparing or handling food. - Stagger meals times when possible. - Serve food from the truck window or from individual boxes. - Provide plenty of tables and seating (outdoors when possible) to allow for social distance. - Provide a washing station in close proximity to the meal area. - Provide only single-serve packaged condiments. - Provide individual, prepackaged portioned snacks and other food items. - In lieu of reusable water bottles, please use single use containers during the pandemic. Boxed water will be procured if available. - Wash hands before entering the catering or craft service area. - Craft service may not cook or prepare food.

Camera Department: - Coordinate with camera house to schedule a pick-up and minimize handlers. - Camera equipment should only be handled and sanitized by camera department Grip and Electric Departments. - Coordinate needs of Art & Camera departments in advance. - G&E equipment should only be handled and sanitized by members of those departments.

Art Department: - Try to obtain approvals as early as possible and allow enough time to handle pickups and drop-offs so that the proper sanitary measures can be taken. - Switch out and sanitize props as necessary and coordinate with wardrobe dept.

Wardrobe Department: - Always wear PPE while prepping wardrobe (i.e. shopping, in rental houses, or on set) and while in close contact with talent and/or other crew. - Book talent / get sizes as early as possible and stagger appointments for fittings. - Consider having actors use their own wardrobe when possible.

- Sanitize jewelry, glasses, and accessories with non-damaging cleaner. - Assign one person to take photos. - Costumes should be bagged individually, by performer and consider requesting Client permission to allow talent to keep any purchased wardrobe.

Hair and Make-Up: - Must wear PPE while engaged in person-to-person contact. - Shall create space between make-up stations (provide a partition if possible) - Use single-use brushes and applicators. - Disinfect station in between styling talent and clean hairbrushes and combs. - Only remove talent’s PPE when necessary and consider a face shield for them once made up.

Sound Department: - Must wear PPE while engaged in person-to-person contact. - Label Comteks with name of user and disinfect Comteks and mics/transmitters before and after each use.

Script Supervisor: - Provide a sanitized earpiece when required

Talent: - Provide PPE for all talent and guardians / teachers of minors. - Keep talent (OCPs and Extras) socially distanced while in holding. - Consider providing a barrier between talent in between shots. - When possible, prep and execute talent paperwork digitally. - Allow plenty of time for permitting minors and only guardians of minors can accompany them on set.

Video Village: - Encourage remote video village or situate video village in an isolated area, away from crew and talent. Chairs should be set up 6 feet apart. - Consider non-cloth chairs so that they can be sanitized throughout the day. - Any Client or Agency on set should be minimal.

Transportation: - Assign drivers to specific vehicles and limit the number of passengers per vehicle. - Consider a higher capacity bus for shuttling, so there is room to social distance. - People to park and move their vehicle personal themselves

Walkie Talkies: - Equipment will be delivered sanitized to production company with individually packaged walkies.

- Walkies to be labeled and kept by individuals overnight. Batteries to be charged shall be sanitized prior to redistribution to crew & personnel

COVID-19 INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS: Video 1: What To Know About Handwashing Video 2: Proper Donning and Doffing of Face Mask Video 3: Proper Donning and Doffing of Gloves

Benjamin Kutsko directs new adidas film promoting their new line of sustainable sportswear, PRIMEBLUE.

You’re standing in front of the ocean shore. The salty mist lightly touches your skin and the ocean breeze sweeps through your hair. Sand nestles between your toes and the sun beats down on your back warming your whole body. Sounds nice, right? But, did I also mention the plastic waste that surrounds you as it washes up to shore?

Unfortunately, most of our plastic waste ends up in our oceans. Plastic waste is growing exponentially throughout our world and scientists predict that if current pattern don’t change by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than fish.

Adidas has made it their mission to clean up our oceans. The German sportswear company has a long history of environmental outreach. They sell numerous ecological products, like their FUTURECRAFT LOOP sneaker, and they have partnered with various brands, like Stella McCarthy, to create completely sustainable limited edition sportswear apparel.

Adidas' most noted partnership is with Parley, a New York based non-profit that raises awareness and leads campaigns to clean up our oceans. Their collaborations range from community outreach to producing awareness films like the Miniac Films and Matthias Hoene film, Dive, featuring professional cliff diver, Anna Bader.

In their most recent partnership, Adidas and Parley have come together to create a special line of sportswear and performance sneakers called PRIMEBLUE. PRIMEBLUE is adidas’ most recent campaign to clean up the oceans and combat plastic waste. The PRIMEBLUE apparel and sneakers are all made from recycled plastic found on our shores. Adidas uses a high-tech process that washes, melts and grinds plastic waste into usable fibers that can be weaved into thread to create their PRIMEBLUE products.

Adidas teamed up with the Los Angeles and New York based production company, Miniac Films to create their promotional film. Miniac Films is a hybrid production company and creative shop that specializes in creating dramatic narratives with high production value. Miniac Films director, Benjamin Kutsko, directed the promotional film.

Kutsko has worked with Miniac on various projects, and is known in the commercial world for creating visual and exciting narratives by integrating astounding visual effects with cinematic frames. Kutsko previously worked with the German sportswear company on their 2019 film, ALPHAEDGE 4D.

Kutsko and the Miniac team shot the film in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the help of the local production company, Domo Productions.

Adidas wanted to portray the severity of our plastic waste problem, while also keeping a hopeful narrative that captivated an audience. Sao Paulo’s proximity to the beach and its’ cosmopolitan atmosphere acted as the perfect backdrop for Kutsko’s vision. Kutsko included both shots of the beach, alongside various shots of Sao Paulo to create a sense of universal inclusivity. This problem is everywhere and the ramifications affect us all, wherever you live.

Capturing the problem was simple. Unfortunately, plastic litters the shores of most beaches now a day. But, Kutsko wanted to create an interesting narrative of the actual process in which adidas transforms plastic waste into the thread that creates their apparel and shoes.

Kutsko used original visual concepts to represent the production process. Each visual representation highlighted Kutsko’s ability to use visual effects. His choices integrated creative ideas and quick fluid cuts to ultimately animate the production process. These energetic cuts of the visual representations cut alongside the cinematic shots of the city and athletes, created that classic adidas tone of urban yet fresh.

Miniac and Kutsko’s film is a classic example of adidas’ ability to captivate an audience with dramatic yet fresh narratives. Their stylized marketing allows them to have global reach and calls us all into action. Adidas has made huge strides in their pursuit to end plastic waste. PRIMEBLUE is just one of many campaigns adidas have launched to promote sustainability. Their campaign united us under one singular cause: save our oceans, save our planet, save ourselves. Check out the full film here.

To read more about the project, check out the links below:

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Take a look at the behind the scene photos below:

Remote Capabilities From The Miniac Films Team.

Everyone at Miniac Films is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our staff, crew, vendors and clients. For now, traditional production is on pause, and we encourage everyone to follow the Center of Disease Control guidelines and to social distance. Still, there are a few ways to continue producing content that promises to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Miniac Films supports agencies and brands with ideation and production. We assemble bespoke teams from broadcast to web, documentary and original content. Our directors are ready to solve problems and devise creative solutions for each project.

At Miniac, we believe in this time it is critical that a director navigates projects from start to finish. Miniac’s directors are creative consultants and are most effective when supporting a project from production through post. Miniac Films director and co-founder, John Christopher Pina, is helping a client think through the best way to approach finishing a film that has a combination of recently shot footage, stock and VFX.

Miniac Films director, Peter Jordan, has incredible experience with “out of the box” directing. He assembles a small and simple camera, lens and lighting rig which is sent to the talent. He helps the talent set up remote access and he captures extremely human, honest moments. He’s currently working with IBM in this capacity.

Miniac’s Susan was tailor made for remote projects. As a creative director and director duo that write and create all of their own content, Susan is able to ideate, direct and produce all under one roof. This nimble team is efficient and effective, and saves their clients a lot of time and money.

Miniac consistently uses top of the line film equipment. Our remote technology allows four cameras to record simultaneously and stream up to sixteen monitors online. Currently, crews in South Korea are available to work and most vendors are open. Miniac Films has worked in South Korea on various projects and, with the help of our remote technology, is capable of building production teams in South Korea right now.

The health and safety of our staff, crew, vendors and clients is of the utmost importance to everyone here at Miniac Film. Our team has come up with our own set of production guidelines that coincide with the Center of Disease Control’s recommendations. We encourage everyone to read them to ensure all productions are safe for the whole crew. Check them out here. (I plan on linking the blog post I sent earlier with the guidelines) 

Miniac Films is open for business and we hope that we can help you safely and confidently execute your next project.

From everyone at team Miniac, we wish you good health and happiness. Stay safe! 

The Miniac Team on location in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2019.